Ferrari Sheppard of Stop Being Famous interviews Kenyan-born British-Somali award-winning poet Warsan Shire.

Shire talks about the the importance of memory and its connecting factor to human experiences, writing and seeking inspiration in the cinema, the writers and books that inspire her, and discusses her poetic career versus her personal life. 

One of my favourite parts of the interview is when she beautifully and boldly declares that “everyone is deserving of love…” as one of the things that she is most sure of in this world.



Photomicrography by Michal Kukla
February 4 - 16, 2014

Animalia  >  Arthropoda  >  Hexapoda  >  Insecta  >
Diptera  >  Chaoboridae  >  Chaoborus

The larva of the phantom midge is called a glassworm.

Glassworms are almost entirely transparent, except for pairs of black kidney-shaped structures in the front and the back of the body. These are air sacs, used to migrate up and down in lakes. Glassworms breathe through the end of their abdomen and have two small eyes at the front of their bodies.



I remember now,
How the threads of life unravel
A time ago unwrapping blessings became difficult
But I remember a love that kept me embalmed in water
And made me a water bearer.

There were times when I wished for even a fathers shadow
Days when I yearned to be yoked to my mother.
When I swam unclear waters hoping to cleanse
And I was baptised over a hundred nights
Washing in sacred tears that made the god of my grandmother weep to her knees.

I remember how to unclench my fists
I had nestled my insecurities into my core
And forgotten I had roots
But now that i see holiness in my skin
Now that my heart has grown into its own
Days of been an island are over.

water bearer - Tapiwa Mugabe, tapiwamugabe.tumblr.com (via tapiwamugabe)